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Paton Evgeny Oscarovich

Paton Evgeny Oscarovich

(5. III. 1870 - 12. VII.1953)
founder of Electric Welding Institute

Scientist in the field of welding and bridge engineering, Professor, Dr.of Techn.Sci., academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukr.SSR (1929). Born in Nice in the family of the Russian diplomat. Graduated from Dresden Polytechnical Institute (1894) and Petersburg Institute of Railway Roads ( 1896). He was a teacher at Moscow Engineering College of Railway Roads ( 1989-1904) and Kiev Polytechnical Institute (1904-1938). In 1929 he organized a welding laboratory and Electric Welding Committee, on the base of which the Electric Welding Institute of the Academy of Sciences of UkrSSR was founded in Kiev in 1934. He headed this Institute to the end of his life. During 1945-1952 he was a Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of the UkrSSR. He created the methods of design of rational bridge spans, investigated the conditions of their operation, suggested methods of restoration of damaged bridges. He carried out research works in the field of calculation and strength of welded structures, mechanization of welding processes, fundamentals of welding, supervised the development of the method of automatic submerged arc welding. During the II World War the equipment and technology of the automatic welding of special steels, tanks, bombs, etc. were implemented in defense industry under his supervision. In post-war years he headed the works in the country on the creation of fundamentals of welding, wide implementation of welding in industry; creation and implementation of assembly-welding production lines.

He supervised the designing of welded bridges. He founded a domestic school of metal welding. He was awarded high governmental and scientific awards and prizes.

1. Paton E.O. Iron bridges: in 4 volumes.- Moscow; Kiev, 1902-1907.
2. Paton E.O. Restoration of damaged bridges.- Kiev, 1918. - 135 p.
3. Paton E.O. High-speed submerged arc welding. - 2nd edition.- M; L.: Mashgiz, 1941.- 112 p.
4. Paton E.O. Selected papers : In 3 volumes.-Kiev: Publ.House of AS UkrSSR, 1959-1961.
5. Paton E.O. Reminiscences: literature notes of Yu. Buryakovsky.- Kiev.- Goslitizdat of UkrSSR, 1955.-324 p.

The International Conference «Welding and Related Technologies into the Third Millennium» will be held by the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on 24–26 November, 2008 in Kyiv.

The invited papers of scientists from different countries of the world about the most important research achievements, obtained during recent years in the field of welding, surfacing, brazing, strength, NDT and technical diagnostics, assessment of residual life of welded structures and surface engineering, special electrometallurgy, and also about the prospects of progress of these trends will be presented and discussed at the plenary sessions of the Conference. Alongside with plenary sessions the poster papers will be also presented.

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